Public Safety Personnel

D. Except as limited by subsection E of this section, a local board shall have such powers as may be necessary to discharge the following duties:
1. To decide all questions of eligibility and service credits, and determine the amount, manner and time of payment of any benefits under the system.
2. To prescribe procedures to be followed by claimants in filing applications for benefits.
3. To make a determination as to the right of any claimant to a benefit and to afford any claimant or the fund manager or both a right to rehearing on the original determination.
4. To request and receive from the employers and from members such information as is necessary for the proper administration of the system and action on claims for benefits and to forward such information to the fund manager.
5. To distribute, in such manner as the local board determines to be appropriate, information explaining the system received from the fund manager.
6. To furnish the employer, the fund manager, and the legislature, upon request, with such annual reports with respect to the administration of the system as are reasonable and appropriate.
7. To receive and review the actuarial valuation of the system for its group of members.
8. To receive and review reports of the financial condition and of the receipts and disbursements of the fund from the fund manager.
9. To appoint medical boards as provided in section 38-859.
10. To sue and be sued to effectuate the duties and responsibilities set forth in this article.
E. A local board shall have no power to add to, subtract from, modify or waive any of the terms of the system, change or add to any benefits provided by the system, or waive or fail to apply any requirement of eligibility for membership or benefits under the system.

Members - Police
Tim ElinskiChairman
Richard RitcheyMember
Kent HellmanMember
Gary EisengaMember
Chad SinnMember
Monica KuhltMember

Members - Fire
Tim ElinskiChairman
Richard RitcheyMember
Kent HellmanMember
Tim WillsMember
Mike KuykendallMember
Ben KramerMember
January 13(Police) January 13(Police)
December 1(Police)Canceled  
December 1(Fire)Canceled  
December 9(Fire) December 9(Fire)
December 9(Police) December 9(Police)
December 20(Fire)  
December 20(Police)  
July 1(Police) July 1(Police)
September 16(Police) September 16(Police)
September 30(Police) September 30(Police)
October 22(Fire) October 22(Fire)
November 12(Police) November 12(Police)
December 16(Police) December 16(Police)
December 16(Fire) December 16(Fire)

April 8th(Police) April 8th(Police)
October 23rd (Fire) October 23rd (Fire)
October 23rd (Police) October 23rd(Police)
December 18th (Fire) December 18th (Fire)
December 18th (Police) December 18th (Police)

October 28(Police) October 28(Police)
October 28(Fire) October 28(Fire)
December 11(Fire) December 11(Fire)
December 11(Police) December 11(Police)

February 8(Police) February 8(Police)
February 8(Fire) February 8(Fire)
May 15(Fire) May 15(Fire)
December 5(Fire) December 5(Fire)
December 5(Police) December 5(Police)
December 20(Police) December 20(Police)

March 10(Police) March 10(Police)
March 10(Fire) March 10(Fire)
August 18(Police) August 18(Police)
September 12(Police) September 12(Police)
October 20(Police) October 20(Police)
December 21(Police) December 21(Police)
December 21(Fire) December 21(Fire)
March 30(Police) March 30(Police)
November 8(Police) November 8(Police)
November 10(Fire) November 10(Fire)
November 23(Fire) November 23(Fire)
Agendas Minutes
March 24 March 24
April 27 April 27
June 18 June 18
November 13(Training) December 10
December 10  
Agendas Minutes
November 24 November 24